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I've been a huge science fiction fan my entire life and I write not for a living but because it's something I'm really passionate about. My other hobbies include photography, filmmaking, and creating science fiction themed digital artwork.

I am a quirky writer who likes to break the rules at times. I put a lot of work into my worldbuilding so I'm not afraid to do some exposition to reveal details about the universe in which my books take place. I'm also prone to tongue-in-cheek humor as well as having my characters banter like real people, instead of brooding around and barely speaking to one another. In many ways I write more like a screenwriter than a novelist.

My books are at the two extremes of science fiction; campy retro pulp adventure that requires strong suspension of disbelief and hard science-based military SF. I don't really write any "soft scifi" that falls in the middle.

I am a staunch supporter of self-publishing and the belief that every writer's unique vision is valid and that changing your work to make it marketable takes something away from the creative process.

All that I hope from my work is that people enjoy it. A quick fan letter (email) is my reward for what I do, but I also won't turn down a tip (tipjar link).