Scotch does little to keep the chill of winter at bay. The freezing apartment that doubles as both the inspector’s home and his office serves only as a reminder of better times, times when work was plentiful and his partner was still alive. Sinking into a deep depression he fears that the days in which his talents were of any use are long behind him. Then, without warning, a letter from the country requesting his presence. Leaving the city for the first time in many years he travels across England to Larchwood Manor at the behest of its owner’s daughter who claims that her lover, the lowly stable-boy, has died of extremely bizarre circumstances.

What the good inspector could never have known, upon taking the case, was that it would start him down an entirely new path in life. One that would challenge him with mysteries that he never could have dreamed of before. A single step into the unknown will have ramifications that will echo down through the centuries.

He will leave a legacy known to those who come after him only as “The Robert Carson Files”.

Join him on his first chronicled adventure as he attempts to unravel the facts surrounding the death of a man who seemed to come from nowhere and died in a place where nearly everyone had a possible motive to do him harm. What are the secrets that Larchwood Manor hides? Why does every new clue only reveal further mysteries? Just who, or what, was the stable-boy, Colin Wright?




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