Intoxicated extraterrestrial light fixtures , flesh eating fur-covered beach balls, cupcakes that turn people into Marxists. Just another day for Futureman, the bumbling but well-intentioned janitor-turned-superhero. In this short story anthology our protagonist, and the cast of memorable villains from It Came From Tomorrow, engage in tasks ranging from the mundane to the absurd. The citizens of Capitol City learn the errors of building a spider farm next to a nuclear power plant, the space assassin Zane takes on a mission that will change the course of galactic events, a race of alien beings with conquest on the brain learn that self-decapitation may be the key to the stars, and a planet of morons succumb to the slightly greater intellect of the evil lord Zarkov.

An out of work alien seeks employment within the ranks of the space lord's force of incompetent minions, Zarkov and younger brother Tang disrupt their father's diplomatic dinner as rambunctious children, and Futureman must defeat a horde of "Gobblers" with the help of the last survivor of a far-future Human colony. Our hero travels to the 1950s to discover why baked goods are turning ordinary Americans into communist zombies, he suits up for action in a story told from a first-person perspective, and a mysterious and plotting committee of extra-dimensional aliens allude to the dangers Futureman will face in his next major novel; The Omega Adversary.

This, the first volume of Future Tales and Other Such Rubbish is a collection of short stories and illustrations that provide hilarious vignettes into the quirky world featured in the main series of novels; The Futureman Adventures.

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