Rocket Riders of the 27th Century is a science fiction book series that follows the adventures of Captain Harridor Tarsik and the crew of the rocketship Honshu as they make their way in a turbulent and highly competitive universe.

The series was crafted to be reminiscent of early science fiction serials, but with modern sensibilities, humor, and dialogue. This omnibus contains the first three books of Rocket Riders of the 27th Century compiled into one volume along with a collection of short stories that expand the universe, as well as reference materials and additional artwork.

Book 1: No Time Like the Future
The Honshu visits a secure installation inside a mysterious spatial phenomenon that renders FTL travel useless and encounters an old enemy with a grudge to settle.

Book 2: Where the Stars Fall
Catapulted through both space and time the crew find themselves shipwrecked on an impossible world. They will race against time to save themselves from savage wildlife and a cataclysmic historical event.

Book 3: The Yesterday Dilemma
With their lives in disarray and reality shattering around them the crew must track down the one responsible for it all while being hunted themselves by a phantom warship. It will take a renewed sense of teamwork, as well as the help of old friends and foes alike, to save the inhabitants of an entire world and to put time and space right again.



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